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Counselling was something I had considered in the past but was always a bit anxious about taking the first step and booking an appointment. Then i reached a point when i felt that I just had to take the plunge and make that call. When I did, I spoke to Nicola and she made me feel at ease and was confidential. From that point I was sure I made the right decision to go for the first appointment.

I didn't really know what to expect and I wasn't sure if counselling was the right thing for me, so naturally I was nervous before the first appointment. The location was discrete and comfortable, no neon signs flashing (as our anxieties can lead us to imagine!). On speaking to Nicola for that second time face to face, it all came flooding out and i soon realised that i was in the right place! I cried and expressed my feelings and she listened intently.

We were then able to establish a common ground of what i needed and what Nicola could help with and we took it from there on a weekly basis. That was 8 months ago and now my regular sessions have ended. The process was emotionally challenging and exhausting at times, other times beautifully liberating, and most importantly 100% necessary and invaluable as they helped me in the way i needed to be helped.

Counselling is something that is needed by people at a particular time in their life for their own specific reasons. It's important that you find a counsellor that you feel comfortable with and build a trusting relationship with to explore difficult feelings and thoughts. Once you find that, although its not plain sailing and it can be very challenging at times, the reward is a more positive inner happiness that you seek.

I found this with Nicola, as my counsellor and I am so grateful for her help and support. Words don't even come close!

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