Client Feedback


When I arrived for my first appointment with Nic, I had no idea what to expect. I had no experience of counselling whatsoever, and I was very nervous. Everything about Nic and the centre she works from helps to put people at ease - from the rooms with their comfy seats, soft lighting and copious tissues to Nic herself, who is so warm and non-judgemental.

Our sessions were sometimes hard, sometimes fun and always interesting. I found that having space to talk about anything, without worrying about the possible consequences, was incredibly liberating. When I left our sessions, I felt like I'd been through a mental workout - the emotional equivalent of walking home from the gym, feeling tired and with sore muscles but also feeling glad you've done it! In our conversations, Nic was able to guide the direction of the sessions without me noticing and lead me to insights and awareness of myself that I just hadn't fully realised before. I became very conscious of the transition between being logically aware that 'I feel bad' to the emotional moment where you accept and sit with the emotion 'I feel bad'. Nic taught me to listen to myself emotionally rather than focussing on my fraught, over-analysing inner monologue. The moments of insight - that really did feel like eureka moments - were the most exciting parts of therapy.

I have just come to the end of nearly a year's work with Nic and I can't recommend her highly enough. I am so glad that I have been through this experience, and I feel proud of myself for having done it. Counselling is a commitment to yourself, and one that I'm very glad I made with Nic's help.


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