What to Expect from Therapy


Therapy provides a safe environment where clients can talk about difficulties they are facing in their life without being judged or criticised in any way. It gives clients the freedom to choose the issues they wish to talk about and also to be totally honest, which is then reciprocated by the therapist.

My belief is to be as honest and genuine as possible in order to promote a healthy, balanced, meaningful and purposeful relationship. Therapy enables the client to discover insight into themselves and their issues, change behaviour and ways of thinking. Most of us will experience at some time in our lives - changes in situation, challenging periods and stressful times. Therapy provides a safe environment to connect with difficult emotions that are provoked by these difficulties.

Often we manage the practicalities of these situations but fail to accept the emotional implications. Therapy, with the help of a trained therapist, allows a client to connect with these difficult emotions and manage the situations more effectively, develop strategies, practice self care and above all else gives clients peace of mind.

Therapy can

  • Provide a space in which to release tensions built up over time and allow emotional charge connected to past experiences be released
  • Enable a client to gain important insight into their behaviour, emotions and reasons which has been so difficult and overwhelming to function in the world and relationships
  • Empower the client, giving them strength to rely on their own resources which are unique to the individual
  • Provide a relationship based on trust and honesty that will help to improve relationships with others and identify any imbalance and address this with knowledge and experience in the future
  • Teach us to rely on our inner strengths and develop personal growth
  • Be challenging and upsetting at times but necessary to promote growth
  • Help us to find meaning and purpose in our lives and maximise ourselves in order to reach our full potential
  • Give us the opportunity to gain coping strategies to cover future eventualities

More importantly I wish to provide a space for you every week to come and discuss what is going on with you, with someone who will listen, be non-judgmental and empathic. I will also aim to help you seek clarity of your problem(s) and work with you

What benefits can be expected?

  1. In the first instance just the whole experience of being heard, accepted and really listened to can be very therapeutic.
  2. The rest of your week can feel much less difficult when you have a regular space and time where you can reflect and think about changes you might want to make in your life or just get the support you need.
  3. As you begin to understand yourself more, your thoughts and feelings, you will start to feel better about yourself and begin to see things more clearly in order to decide the direction of your therapy.
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